If I Buy The Firm Wave Exercise Equipment Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

Absolutely! That’s if you use it and don’t just stuff it in a closet and forget about it!

The Firm Wave will help you lose weight in 2 ways; when you “surf” on it, curved-side down it gives you a great cardio workout – strengthening your heart and lungs and burning lots of calories.

And because this side rocks, your core and abdominal muscles have to work hard to balance. Which flattens your abs and increases the calorie burn. And it isn’t mind-numbingly boring like some forms of cardio exercise – in fact it’s fun! Especially if you put on your favorite music that has a driving beat. You’ll find yourself surfing to the rhythm and singing along at the top of your voice. No more tedious exercise where you watch the clock; your workout will be completed before you know it.

And that’s not the only way
The Firm Wave Personal Gym will help you lose weight. To burn the most calories, your body needs to develop muscles, as muscles use up calories just by being there. Ladies, you won’t get big, bulky “man muscles”, so stop worrying! The Firm Wave will help you tone and reduce the size of your thighs and butt, and also sculpt shapely arm and shoulder muscle – no more saggy underarms!

Just turn your amazingly versatile Firm Wave so it’s curve side up, attach some elastic exercise bands to it, and you can do a great toning workout.

So the
Firm Wave Exercise Equipment can help you lose weight in 2 ways – and at under $100 it's a great price and  practically unbeatable!

Good luck,

Carol J Bartram

(Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer)

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