Pilates Magic Circle

Pilates Magic Circle Pilates Magic Circles or Pilates Rings are as the name suggests: - small rings with a padded hand grip each side, both inside and outside the ring. Pilates rings are made of tempered steel, which acts like a spring when the ring is squeezed, creating resistance. The closer together the handgrips are pushed, the more challenging the exercise. Due to the clever design, the rings may be held between the hands, thighs or ankles.

The Pilates Ring can be used to increase the level of difficulty of many of the standard Pilates Exercises. The ring can be pushed, pulled, squeezed, lifted or pressed down, helping to tone arms, chest, thighs, buns and legs.

I love the Pilates ring, and so do my classes - the ring not only adds another level of difficulty to exercises but - equally importantly - makes the class more fun, both for me as the instructor and for my participants.

A ring is a low-cost piece of exercise equipment and is incredibly versatile and very easy to store, and will definitely increase your enjoyment of your workout, as well as delivering fantastic results - fast!

Because the Pilates Ring can be difficult to visualize in action, I've put together a quick video to show you a few of the exercises that can be performed using a ring. You'll be amazed how versatile the rings are - here is just a small selection of what can be done:-

Enjoy your ring!

All the best,

Carol J Bartram

(Pilates Instructor)