Pilates Power Gym

There’s an infomercial on the shopping channels regularly at the moment which shows a muscular, hunky, impossibly handsome bloke, and an equally stunning, toned, flat–stomached girl arguing about what piece of gym equipment to buy. Know the one I mean?
He wants to build big, manly muscles while she wants to look toned and lean. They both want rock-hard abs. I want to throw a brick at them…

They’re advertising the Pilates Power Gym, which claims to be able to please both of them in their workout aims – enough resistance for him to build even bigger muscles, and the versatility to give her a full body Pilates workout. One piece of equipment of a reasonable size and at a reasonable price. Sounds too good to be true?


That’s what I thought. But, despite Mr & Mrs Physically Perfect there onscreen annoying me with their Physical Perfection, the Pilates Power Gym is a Pretty Good Piece of Kit ?:-

What is the Pilates Power Gym?

The Pilates Power Gym is in, essence, a revolutionary exercise machine that has been built on the proven effectiveness of Pilates and resistance training. Aimed at the home market, the Pilates Power Gym is an entire gym that has been condensed into a single versatile machine. With superior build quality and compact size, this combo gym is suitable for anyone requiring a personal fitness centre but lacking space for multiple gym accessories. Constructed around a quality carbon steel frame, the Pilates Power Gym offers more than 60 alternative exercises through a range of 95 different resistance levels. With such an impressive range of exercises and resistance levels, this versatile home gym is suitable for anyone.

What does it do?

The Pilates Power Gym is a home gym that combines both Pilates and resistance training in one single machine. Pilates helps to condition the body by targeting the deep postural muscles. Unlike many other fitness techniques, Pilates builds strength from the inside out while at the same time increasing flexibility. Because of the slow controlled approach, Pilates exercises are often recommended by doctors to those suffering from back problems. By using the Pilates options of this home gym, one can increase strength and tone muscles without adding bulk.

On the other hand, with its multitude of resistance training exercises and varied levels of resistance, the Pilates Power Gym is perfect for those wanting to add muscle or to improve muscle tone. Properly performed, the available resistance training exercises can provide significant benefits to your overall fitness, health and well-being.

What are the benefits of Pilates and resistance training

Both of these training techniques offer a multitude of benefits. On one hand, Pilates changes the way in which many of us use our bodies by restoring muscle alignment and correcting certain muscle imbalances. Those who practice Pilates will notice a remarkable improvement in flexibility, joint mobility as well as an increase in strength, which in turn results in better posture.

Reduced levels of stress as well as improved respiratory and circulatory systems are all direct benefits of Pilates training. Likewise, the advantages and benefits of resistance training are many. Research has proven that resistance training is beyond all doubt, the most effective training available for increasing skeletal muscle and even bone mass. For some, an increase in bone mass could have far-reaching benefits, as could an increase in skeletal muscle.  Amongst the many associated benefits is, increased bone mineral density, reduced body fat, increased strength and improved heart condition. Medical studies have proven that resistance training lowers heart rate and blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.

With the Pilates Power Gym offering such an extensive range of both Pilates and Resistance exercises, all within a single compact unit, makes it a truly top class alternative to a regular gym membership. And at a reasonable price compared with many other home gyms.


All the best,

Carol J Bartram

(Pilates Instructor)